Austar Wave

About Austar Wave

Why Austar Wave ?

Austar Wave HVLS fans are one of the best HVLS Fans in the market with industry leading technology and class leading specifications. All fans come with warranty and assured after sales support. 


  • Outer bearing device
  • Fan blade safety chain
  • The fan frame is attached to the roof beam by steel wires
  • The big fan chassis is kept in balance to the roof structure by 4 inclined steel wires
  • Secure chain connection to prevent fan leaf damage
  • Unique auto stop function
  • Our patented HUB reduces axial forces on the gear box, reduces friction between gears, reduces oil spill. Thus extending the life of the gear box
  • Double outer bearing bears the blade weight, protects the gear box and improves motor use. Anti failing security baffle prevents accidental falling

Drive System

BONFIGLIOLI Motor & gear box with lengthened large diameter connecting shaft. Motor equipped with double fluorine rubber oil seal to ensure reliability of drive system. Fan equipped with start up delay function which can reduce the Strain on the motor and Extend life.


The integrated chassis system is made using high precision cutting technology. The high precision cutting ensures the consistency of chassis, and stability of each fan. Chasis is manufactured with the best quality components.

Fan blade

Designed using advanced fluid simulation software CFD and wind tunnel testing. High quality aluminum magnesium alloy blade with a life span of more than 20 years. Tough, Corrosion Resistant and easy to clean because of the anti-oxidant treatment.

Control System

Danfoss VFD, frequency converter with the functions of over current, under voltage, phase lack, overload and overheat protection. Frequency convertor with protection Against voltage fluctuations, power fluctuations and heating protection.