About Coolbreeze

CoolBreeze is convinced that Evaporative Air Conditioning is the best way to keep your home cool. Its aim is to make the best possible evaporative cooling systems with superior features available at prices similar to its competitors. “Get more, pay less” could be the CoolBreeze motto.

They have chosen “CoolBreeze – Feels Good” as their brand statement to reflect the many reasons why you will feel good about choosing CoolBreeze evaporative cooling. From the lower purchase price and running costs (everybody feels good saving money) to knowing that you are looking after the environment with our highly efficient fan and motor design that use less energy (80% less than Refrigerated Air Conditioning) – CoolBreeze feels good! 

CoolBreeze is a family run business that was established in the early 1990’s and has provided a comfortable lifestyle to tens of thousands of families across Australia as well as internationally, in countries such as Spain, Greece, Turkey etc.

At CoolBreeze, they base their success on their mission statement “Be Proud” – it aims to be proud of everything we do and it’s this attitude that has led to the development of many of the unique features of CoolBreeze evaporative cooling units such as the Powerflow Fan, Exhaust Mode, Automatic Weather Seal and Magna-Sensor Water Level Sensor.